Sorry, I’ve not been about for a while.

The Welsh and British Lions did well then, didn’t they? The first series win for 16 years – congratulations guys.

My Brother-in-law is an ex-pat living in Sydney and he was recently here in Wales attending my daughter’s wedding. He told me that the Aussies were really hurting as a result of the Lion’s series, particularly the way they were demolished in the last test.

Roll on New Zealand in 4 years time. (I’m going)

Talking about that wedding it was a grrrreat day and I was exceptionally proud of my girl who looked stunning and is far too good for the English git she married, (he’s a good boy really).

I was a little outraged though when they refused to set back the ceremony by an hour so that I could watch the final test live, but the day was superb. (and I’ll teach her the error of her ways as time goes on)

speak again soon

The Sophist