The ‘Rules’ of Immigration/Emigration

Further to my views on the dynamics and practicalities of modern demographic deployment – Are there a set of ‘Rules’ for immigration and or emigration that could satisfy the criteria of both the home nation of the emigree AND the proposed new host nation?

(I am, at least on this occasion ignoring political asylum issues and looking at relocation by choice).

Currently, there probably isn’t – at least not to the satisfaction of all involved.

There are elements of propriety and reasonableness, surely, in the USA/Australian/New Zealand model, where potential immigrants are required to swear allegiance to their adopted country and its society. If you are unable to do so, then are you really suited to becoming a citizen or even resident of that country?

I think probably not.

If you are choosing to emigrate to a country in order to improve your prospects, be it in terms of employment, social stability, education, standard of living etc. then surely you should readily assimilate the social criteria of that country in order to contribute in a worthwhile manner to that society.

This does not require that you lose your own identity entirely. It only requires that you adapt the good things of your identity to promote, support and further your development within your adopted country – thereby improving both yourself and the host society as a result of your positive input.

I speak from experience where I emigrated to another country for a period of 5 years though remained firmly and patriotically a Welshman, I quickly learned to speak the mother tongue and accept the slight behavioural changes that were necessary to ‘fit in’ while not losing my individuality. As a result of this approach I found that my hosts were as inquisitive about my home way of life as I was about theirs and we freely discussed both. I found this to be a perfectly normal way of assimilating new societal norms and behaviour while imparting some detail of my homeland, of which I remain extremely proud.

I would not, however suddenly begin to try and forcefully assert my societal norms and behaviour upon my hosts. If I believed that they were the ONLY acceptable behaviour and could/would not accept any deviation therefrom, then I should definitely stayed at home.

I’ll have to think a little more deeply about this and add to the blog later.

For now, that’s it.

SBK The Sophist


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