Rugby Commentators

Just a little rant about the quality of commentator associated with my beloved sport – Rugby Union.

– Stuart Barnes – inane, inept, biased and underqualified.

– Scott Quinnell – Brilliant, enthusiastic-sometimes lacking in vocabulary so better placed as pitchside analyst than full blown commentator

– Brian Moore – Brilliant – the most technically sound commentator with a real inside knowledge of the gam. Unbiased and a true lover of the game.

Eddie Butler- pathetic, a Francophile who just attempts to pronounce every players name, regardless of nationality, with a French accent.

Michael Lynagh – excellent insight well-suited to his role of analyst

Sean Fitzpatrick – as Lynagh, above.

Clive Deadwood . OOPs sorry Woodward – Pathetic, full of self-importance, the game is only secondary to his belief that he is important and everyone else should know that.

Sadly, the God of Rugby Union Commentators, Bill McLaren is no longer available.


Just had t get that off my chest. But I have to turn off the volume if Stuart Barnes is anywhere near a Rugby match.

SBK the Sophist


The USA political prevarication farce

Hello folks

I’m back again.

Just a short comment on the ridiculous posturing and politicking surrounding the US debt default …. (like that would happen).. and the irresponsibility of those involved.

The whole world could potentially have been thrown into financial disarray as a direct result of the upper house demonstrating its power over OBAMA’s administration. Joe public could quite easily have AGAIN faced uncontrollable interest rises leading to mortgage default etc etc.

A human touch is the story of the guy who has married an Indian national and now has to spend the first 8 months or so of their marriage apart while the dept. responsible drags itself back into work and begins to process her green card – a travesty and those responsible should be thoroughly ashamed – though shame is a condition that would probably need to be explained to a modern day politician.

America should make some attempt to live up to the self-proclaimed status of  ‘land of the free;, most powerful nation on Earth etc etc etc. With such power comes responsibility, and while I have no doubt that the vast majority of Americans are responsible people – it would appear that powerful Americans suffer the same deluded condition of self-importance of other members of the chosen members of the power-brokers of all nationalities that they become ridiculous in the eyes of us mere mortals.

(They can’t play Rugby properly either)!!!

Anyway, rant over.

SBK the sophist