Are they Serious!!??

So, there are to be questions asked, and members will need to answer questions posed by a specialist inquiry panel.

Did GHQ, MI5 and MI6 actually carry out spying activities??



England’s hope etc etc etc

So England has won a sporting encounter again and immediately begin to reflect how this will affect their world cup winner’s medals in 2015.

The win was well-deserved and was against the Aussies, who fielded a depleted team that underperformed. However, England did deserve to win a game of rugby that was OK to watch but hardly inspiring. England do have more than this to offer, but will not touch the kiwis.

Chris Robshaw had an excellent game and scored a really well-taken try that displayed his speed, agility and awareness. I will take this opportunity to re-iterate that I believe he should have been part of the Lions tour squad recently, and had he not insisted on wearing a 7 on his back he probably would have. The competition for that jersey was just too strong for him.

Why though, do the admin of the RFU have to make the whole thing so farcical by at this stage referring to the superiority of a team that has a slim chance of winning the 2015 championship as long as they get shot of some of the dead wood they are carrying, like Chris Ashton for example. England probably have half-a-dozen world class players currently, though there are more waiting in the wings as shown by the youngster, Yarde, who displayed enthusiasm, (though at times just a little bit too much) – he will get better.

I just hope that all the home nations put on a passionate display against the super powers from the south this autumn, with Wales beating the next world champions  – The Boks.

We shall see