Paedophile Prophet

I cannot begin to imagine the depravity of Ian Watkins of the ‘lost prophets’ fame.

Nor can I under any circumstances understand how a mother, (I use the description loosely here), could be complicit in such inhuman sexual deviancy as to allow a grown man, (again loosely described), to indulge in sexual acts of any nature with a child, but in this case a BABY for god’s sake. I use the lower case g in god, because surely there can’t be one if this is allowed to happen.

I felt physically ill when I first heard the headlines associated with this case and find it difficult to listen to any more detail.

Surely the monsters involved in these acts serve no useful purpose in society!

In my opinion they deserve to die for their behaviour, Ian Watkins is breathing air that could be used by others – he has no place in society and no positive function to perform that could ever counter-balance the effects of this heinous behaviour we don’t need this pig.

If the only thing preventing his demise, (legally of course), was someone willing to ‘pull the trigger’ – give me a ring, I’m available.

SBK – The Sophist


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