The ‘Rules’ of Immigration/Emigration


Further to my views on the dynamics and practicalities of modern demographic deployment – Are there a set of ‘Rules’ for immigration and or emigration that could satisfy the criteria of both the home nation of the emigree AND the proposed new host nation?

(I am, at least on this occasion ignoring political asylum issues and looking at relocation by choice).

Currently, there probably isn’t – at least not to the satisfaction of all involved.

There are elements of propriety and reasonableness, surely, in the USA/Australian/New Zealand model, where potential immigrants are required to swear allegiance to their adopted country and its society. If you are unable to do so, then are you really suited to becoming a citizen or even resident of that country?

I think probably not.

If you are choosing to emigrate to a country in order to improve your prospects, be it in terms of employment…

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