A Life for a life

Exodus 21:23   “… If there is serious injury, you are to take life for life ….”

So, here we go again – The pitiful judge who has to pass sentence on the murderers of Lee Rigby, two monsters who murdered an innocent man in broad daylight, in the most horrific manner and who have steadfastly failed to demonstrate remorse – is to delay passing sentence just in case he gives them a ‘life’ sentence which would be against the murderer’s civil rights apparently!!

Mr ‘Justice’ Sweeney is apparently to delay sentencing until the appeals court decides if it agrees with European judges who consider whole-life tariffs to be ‘inhuman and degrading treatment’.

They are, of course referring to the murderers and perpetrators of crimes considered deserving of whole-life tariffs, not the inhuman and degrading treatment to which Lee Rigby was subjected by these animals.

While writing this, I have been made aware of the decision by the appeal court panel that they consider life means life to be appropriate in some cases.

Maybe now ‘Justice’ Sweeney will feel able to carry out his job, which of course he should have done all along.

Personally I agree with the European courts that whole life tariffs are inhuman and degrading treatment – but not of the criminals, rather of the other victims of these heinous crimes who are left behind – Lee Rigby’s family and friends, for example.

The criminals in these type of cases do not deserve to continue any form of life at all!!

SBK-The Sophist.


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