Man’s best friend is ……….

My sincere condolences go out to the family of the 6 day old infant killed by a family pet dog in Pontyberem, west Wales.

I am a grandparent who is also a dog lover and have had a pet dog throughout the period of rearing my own 3 children as well as spending considerable periods of time baby sitting my 3 Grandchildren. All those children have grown up with my dog present without a suffering a single bite.

Since a child myself I have had a Welsh terrier, a German shepherd, a Labrador two springer spaniels and a border collie as pets, and all have been integrated into family life with no more problem than the odd shoe, slipper or pair of spectacles going missing.

I have even had litters of pups present while the children were growing up and they petted the pups and the mother , no problem at all.

I or my wife was, of course,  present when this type of close interaction was going on and no way would any of these dogs be allowed uncontrolled access to the kids and therefore the opportunity to attack.

When is this country going to realise that dogs are under certain circumstances far from being man’s best friend and present a very real threat to our kids and/or the infirm if not properly trained and supervised. The ability to successfully ‘manage’ the dog should be a legal pre-requisite of ownership, regardless of breed. Maybe then we can prevent this type of tragedy.

SBK-The Sophist


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