Syria, Turkey, IS, Whatever!!!!

So the Islamic jihad fraternity has now decided that it owns The Islamic State region of Northern Turkey/Southern Syria.

How does this happen? where does the mind-set come from? As I’ve earlier blogged, I become concerned when isolationist fanatical groups of people decide that taking life and enforcing their will violently upon others become the norm and huge efforts are focussed upon attempts to justify the behaviour. Surely ethnic genocide is illegal, immoral, unethical and just downright wrong, no matter what your religion, social status or ethnicity is.

The muslim faith does not promote the taking of life – under any circumstances, neither does Christianity. (Nor do any of the other numerous mainstream religions that I am aware of). (Jehovah’s witnesses do become somewhat euphoric at the thought of being included in the 144, 000, but I’m not really sure if they are sure of what happens to the other 7 billion members of the human race, and I don’t think they care) (Come to think of it there’s probably very few of the 7bn who gives a shit what happens to the 144,000 witnesses – I know I don’t)

Anyway, isn’t perhaps time that either people just grew up and behaved themselves or time that more grown-up countries like the UK become tougher on their stance. How many Brit-born jihadists are there now? Who cares as long as they don’t come back? They have made their choice so don’t come back to pick up your benefits cheque to fund your next escapade into fantasy. The vast majority of muslims a re productive, friendly social people with a huge religious conscience that spills over into the way in which they conduct their lives as peace-loving ethical people. Pity the same cannot be said about the  radical lunatics who infect all the world’s religions and poisons the minds of others to such an extent that they are willing to carry out such horrific acts of cruelty as observed when innocent journalists are beheaded for som malevolent purpose that remains unclear to me and millins more.

Let’s just try and promote a planetary society that will lead to the dominant species GROWING UP!! (Before it’s too late)


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